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Steam Therapy & Massage

Steam therapy is a treatment modality that increases the number of treatment options available to massage therapists. It also allows clients to receive a greater range of benefits from a total treatment session. The following are some examples of steam treatment options & benefits:
  • Full-body steam therapy, when done properly using the Steamy Wonder™, produces a unique and deep state of relaxation that balances the functioning of autonomic nervous system, along with a decrease in stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenalin. This can enhance similar effects produced by massage therapy.
  • Full-body steam therapy produces significant detoxification. During a steam treatment, more than a quart of sweat can be produced, cellular metabolism can increase by 15% and general circulation, especially circulation to the skin is increased.
  • Heating the skin and core temperature of the body heats the fascial matrix as well as tendons and ligaments. This increases the flexibility and stretchability of these systems. This makes it easier to stretch the fascial matrix and to stretch and rotate muscles and joints. Heat also has the effect of decreasing muscle tension which also increases the flexibility of the total muscle connective tissue matrix. This can make it easier for the massage therapist to work on the structural system and at the same time, produce better results.
  • A therapist has the option to allow the client to have inhalation therapy during the steam treatment in the steam canopy. This is a very beneficial treatment for dealing with exposure of the lungs to toxins in the air. It can also help in hydrating the sensitive lung tissue lining during cold and dry weather.
  • Essential oils can be placed directly in the water generating the steam allowing the option of aromatherapy treatments. This can enhance benefits of relaxation of aromatherapy as well as other therapeutic effects.
  • Steam therapy can enhance the effects of certain natural products placed on the skin, such as massage oils, therapeutic mud and tiger balm. Increased heat increases the assimilation of oil (lipid) products and increasing the metabolic rate of skin cells. This  increases the interaction between the product and the cells.