Steam Therapy 

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From Head to Toe
Mind & Body


Full-body steam therapy treatments allow an esthetician the option to significantly enhance many full-body skincare treatments. The skin is one system (organ) which covers the surface of the entire body and full-body steam treatments allow you to treat the total surface of the skin as well as the ability to focus on specific areas of the skin, for example the legs.                                         


Stress Reduction & Management

Top skincare experts, like Dr, Murad & Dr. Mehmet Oz, state that general stress is a major cause of a decrease in the natural radiance, beauty and healthy aging of the skin. Steam therapy treatments, using the Steamy Wonder, produce a unique and deep states of relaxation that are wonderful for promoting reduction in stress and balancing the endocrine system. Adding stress reduction/management as part of a total esthetic skincare program is of great value to your clients. Clients love the deep relaxation of a fully-body steam treatment.

Radiant Skin & Detoxification

Full-body skincare treatments allow for dramatic detoxification of the skin. During a 30 minute steam treatment, the skin will produce more than 1 quart of sweat. The metabolic rate of the skin cells will increase by more than 15% and circulation to the skin will more than triple from 8% to 30% of total blood volume. This produces a powerful effect of detoxification and stimulation of natural skin cell activity.  

From Heat to Toe

Full-body steam therapy treatments allow you to treat the entire surface of the skin at the same time and also to focus on specific areas of the skin. The following are a few examples:

  • You can also steam the face during a steam treatment which can be a preparation for a facial or for a facial treatment during the steam treatment.

  • Steam therapy enhances the benefits of cellulite treatments and other body contouring treatments.

  • Steam therapy enhances the effects of weight loss programs and weight management.

  • Full-body steam treatments enhance the results of exfoliation treatments as well as the effects of the application of sunless tanners.

  • Steam therapy enhances the benefits of full-body masks, mud and seaweed treatments.

  • Also great as a preparation for skincare feet treatments.