Components of the Steamy Wonder™

The Components of the Steamy Wonder™  (by Richard Eidson, co-inventor of the Steamy Wonder™ and author of Hydrotherapy for Health & Wellness)

Steam Canopy

The steam canopy is very light weight, about 5 lbs., and is very easy to lift over the massage table (with the client on the table). Then, the steam canopy attaches the special fitted sheet on the massage table. The velcro along the inside edge of the steam canopy attaches to the velcro on the edge of the fitted sheet. This allows the steam canopy to be very firmly attached to the massage table. Because the steam canopy is very specious inside and is also very light weight, clients do not feel claustrophobic as they often do in steam cabinets. 

Steam Generator Pot

The steam generator produces the perfect amount of steam to bring the temperature inside the steam canopy to the desired temperature within 3 to 5 minutes. Because clients vary greatly in their sensitivity to temperature, the temperature inside the steam canopy is generally kept somewhere between 110 F to 125 F. What is very impressive about the steam generator is that it only requires about 1 quart of water for a 30 minute steam treatment. The steam stays inside the canopy and condenses on the client and the inside of the steam canopy. There is virtually no increase in humidity (moisture) in the room and there is very little water on the sheet that the client is laying on. So, the steam generator uses a minimal amount of water and electricity. Also, essential oils and herbs, can be added directly to the water that is used to generate the steam.

Fitted Sheet

The system comes with 2 special fitted sheets that attach easily to any size massage table. The sheet have velcro on the edges that allow the steam canopy to attach to the sheets and securely to the massage table. Usually, a sheet or towel is place between the client and the sheet and the special fitted sheet will be virtually dry at the end of the treatment because the steam condenses on the client and inside of the steam canopy. Additional sheets can be purchased if needed.

Temperature Gauge

The temperature gauge, which you attach by velcro to the steam canopy once the treatment begins, allows you know exactly what the steam temperature is inside the steam canopy. Knowing the temperature inside the steam canopy is essential for the following reasons:

  • If the temperature is lower than normal, it indicates that you have not placed the steam canopy on properly or that steam generator is not producing enough steam because it was not turned on or perhaps water was not placed in the steam generator.
  • Most clients like the temperature in a normal range but many clients are very heat sensitive and need the temperature to be lower. Knowing the what the temperature is allows you reduce (or increase) the temperature as needed to make it perfect for each client. This is very important.


The battery operated fan, which is placed inside the steam canopy once the steam treatment begins, allows the steam and the temperature inside the steam canopy to be even around the entire body of the client. Steam rises very quickly, and without fan, the temperature will be higher at the top (inside) of the steam canopy and lower on the client. You can see this especially in steam rooms and steam cabinets where the temperature is much cooler at the lower levels than the high levels.

Insulator Blanket

The system comes with a very light weight insulation blanket which can be easily placed over the steam canopy to increase the temperature inside by preventing heat loss. Because the steam generator is very efficient at producing enough steam to easily heat the inside of the steam canopy, the insulation blanket is not often needed. It can be of value if for some reason the treatment room is cold or if you are only going to do a very short treatment, for example 10 minutes. 

Manual on how to Use the Steamy Wonder™

A printed manual is included with detailed instruction on the step-by-step procedures on the use of the Steamy Wonder™

Carrying Case

This is a option, that can be purchased for $99.00/ The Steamy Wonder™ was designed to be portable, so that a therapist can easily take the complete system to a client's home (along with a portable massage table). This also allows you to easily take the entire system with you in a car or even on a plane. 


The is a one year warranty on all components of the complete Steamy Wonder™. The good new is that the Steamy Wonder™ has been available for more than 15 years and is well-known in the health & wellness professions as a standard for doing steam therapy on massage tables. The Steamy Wonder™ has an excellent record for years of use without any mechanical problems or the need to replace any components. If therapists follow the simple guidelines for the care and cleaning of the Steamy Wonder™, the system will provide many years of problem free service, far beyond the one year warranty. For example, it is possible to easily wash the steam canopy in a regular washing machine and then let it air dry, which you may only do once month when the steam canopy is being used several times a day.

Special One-Hour Education (by phone) with Richard Eidson

Richard Eidson, as mentioned, is the co-inventor of the Steamy Wonder™ and also the author of Hydrotherapy for Health & Wellness, Milady Publishing, 2008. You will receive special education on:

  • How to use the Steamy Wonder™. You will get insights that only someone who invented the Steamy Wonder™ and who is a leading hydrotherapy educator can provide.
  • You will be provide with helpful information on the design of treatments, including products and other valuable information for the types of treatments that you are specifically offering to your clients. This includes massage therapists, estheticians and other types of bodyworkers who are performing therapeutic treatments for health & wellness. For example, in the textbook Hydrotherapy for Health & Wellness, Chapter 4 is about hydration and dehydration. Because clients can lose more than one quart of water during a steam treatment, Richard will discuss with you ways to make sure your clients properly hydrate. Also, he will discuss with you some of dangers of hyperthermia (over-heating your clients) and how avoid such problems.
  • Also, it will be possible to call at any time once, to ask a question about the use of the Steamy Wonder™



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