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  Steamy Wonder™ Steam System (Patented) 


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Steamy Wonder™ 
Steam system that fits on any massage table


(Detailed explanation of each feature) Features
Steamy Canopy System
(Fits on any standard table Width 27" to 33", Length 70" to 72")
Special fitted sheet that allows the steam canopy to attach to table
Steam Generator 
Temperature Gauge 
Insulating Blanket
Sample steam herbal products
Choice of 3 Colors: White, Green, Blue
1-year guarantee

Steamy Wonder™ 

  • Information for Massage Therapists  Massage

  • Information for Estheticians Esthetics

  • The patented Steamy Wonder™ has been used by spas, estheticians and massage therapists for more than 15 years

  • The Steamy Wonder™ is very easy to store when not in use. The two main options are to place it vertically in the corner of the treatment room or to place it on a pulley system. More Information.  Store

  • Frequently asked questions about moisture, mildew, storage of steam canopy, easy of lifting and moving the steam canopy, excess water, amount of heat, problems with heat in the room   Questions

  • Detailed explanation of each of the components of the Steamy Wonder™ System Link

  • Explanation of how you would use the the Steamy Wonder™ during a standard steam therapy treatment. Link

  • Some principles of steam therapy Link

  • Also includes 1 hour of education (by phone) by Richard Eidson, co-inventor of the Steamy Wonder™ and author of Hydrotherapy for Health & Wellness, Milady Publishing, 2008 More Information






HydrotherapyTextBookCover.jpg (43583 bytes)

Hydrotherapy for Health & Wellness, by Milady Publishing, 2008

Steamy Wonder Education  

Bonus! Professional education on the how to use the Steamy Wonder, as well as consulting on what treatments would work best with your personal practice. One hour education & consulting (by phone) is by Richard Eidson - co-inventor of the Steamy Wonder™ and author of the Hydrotherapy for Health & Wellness, by Milady Publishing, 2008





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Massage during a steam treatment Massage during a steam treatment The steam temperature can be controlled between 105 F to 125 F. 

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