Frequently Asked Questions - Steamy Wonder


Questions                                                                                                                        Answers

Does the moisture in the room increase during the steam treatment? No, the steam condenses inside the steam canopy as it cools and collects on the inside of the canopy and on the client.  The canopy is wiped dry with a towel after the treatment.  A 30 minute steam treatment only uses about 1 quart of water.


Does the moisture produce problems with mildew on the steam canopy? No, the steam canopy is wiped dry after each treatment and at the end of the day can be place on the massage table which will allow the steam canopy t completely air dry.


Is it a problem to store the steam canopy when it is not being used? See diagram Link No, the steam canopy can be stored in the corner of the room in a vertical position or can even be place above the table on a pulley system.


Is it easy to lift and move the steam canopy? Yes, the steam canopy weighs less than 5 lbs. and easily placed on and removed from the massage table.  This is a great advantage for the client as they do not need to leave the table to move to a steam room or steam cabinet.


Is there excess water that gets on the massage table and floor? No, a steam treatment uses only about 1 quart of water that condenses on the client and canopy and is removed with a towel.  The sheet under the client gets very little moisture as steam rises quickly around the body. The massage table stays completely dry.


Does the steam canopy produce the same amount of heat as steam room or steam cabinet? Yes, within 3 to 5 minutes, the temperature inside the steam canopy will be the same as the steam temperature in a steam room or steam cabinet.  Also, it is possible to adjust the temperature to make it perfect for the client.


Does the heat from the steam canopy make the treatment room hotter? No, the canopy has an insulating effect that keeps almost all of the heat inside the canopy during the steam treatment.