Part 2    Hydrotherapy for the 21st Century: Water-based Spa Treatments           (The Complete Spa Book for Massage Therapists - Steve Capellini)


Spa Profile

               100 Trillion Cells of Hydrotherapeutic Power

Being the inventor of the famous steam unit, it is no surprise that Eidson's favorite spa treatments should feature moist heat. "I believe steam treatments are very therapeutic," he says, "especially when the treatment is brought to the client on a massage table. Hydrotherapy treatments also have great potential health benefits, and even be offered in a deep bathtub. As therapist become more highly trained, hydrotherapy protocols such as steam, shower, and bath treatments will become even more therapeutic. Also, they could be better combined with other spa treatments, for example, massage and skincare treatments, in ways that embrace the overall wellness transformation."

After all his spa travels, his writings on hydrotherapy and his invention of much-used spa equipment, Eidson has some very specific advice for therapists just getting into the field. "Go to Germany," he says. "They have more than


100 amazing high-tech facilities with natural mineral water, hydrotherapy treatments, and full wellness programs." (See the "Exotic Modalities" side bar in Chapter 12 for one example.) "There, and everywhere, we are learning more every day about the marvels of heat and cold therapies. Cyrotherapy, for example, has been shown to decrease the amount of secondary hypoxic damage that takes place during a heart attack. I predict huge developments in the future use of hydrotherapy, not just in spas but in medicine as well, and all walks of life. When we increase or decrease the corer temperature just a few degrees with these techniques, we can make a huge difference in peoples lives."

As a man whose inventions and words have already literally touched the lives of thousands of people around the world, we can safely assume that Eidson's predications may indeed come true.