Hydrotherapy Massage Table

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Manufactured by Innovative Spa Technologies
Innovative Spa Technologies is a distributor for the Mermaid and co-inventor of the Mermaid Table

The Mermaid Stationary
Adjustable-Height Hydrotherapy Treatment Table
Width 33", Length 73"
Custom water mattress & heating element
Height range 26" - 38"
2 organic cotton fitted sheets
5-year guarantee for table
2-year guarantee on water mattress & heating element



 Innovative Spa Technologies is manufacturer and seller of the Mermaid HydroMassae Table which was co-invented by Richard Eidson, founder of the Innovative Spa Technologies.  Richard Eidson is a licensed massage therapists and hydrotherapy educator and will provide education on the treatments on the Mermaid Hydrotherapy Massage Table and assistance in creating a treatment menu.  This is included with the purchase and the consulting will be done by phone unless special arrangements are made for onsite training.

The Mermaid Hydrotherapy Massage Table is a unique concept in massage table that offers exceptional advantages both for the client and the therapists.  Please call me if you have any questions.

 Richard Eidson
Owner/Designer, Innovative Spa Technologies

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Additional information and treatments on the Mermaid Hydrotherapy Massage Table by Monica Brown, co-inventor and spa consultant

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