Vichy Spa System

Vichy Shower Features

Key Features and Treatment Options

The Vichy shower, with seven showerheads, allows a client to have a luxury Vichy shower while at the same time enjoying complete privacy. The therapist can rotate the showerheads from side to side to create a special type of "Vichy Massage". The therapist can also massage (by hand) the head, neck, shoulders and upper body of the client during the Vichy Shower. And, while the client enjoys the their own mini-waterfall hydrotherapy experience, the therapist and the treatment room stay totally dry. And a client can receive a massage, skincare or steam treatment before (or after) the Vichy shower and never leave the treatment table. All of these special features combine to produce a truly unique treatment experiences for the client which include deep levels of relaxation and all the special benefits of this popular hydrotherapy treatment found in the best spas around the world. 

And the Vichy Spa System does not require a wet-room. It can be installed in any treatment room!

Personalized Vichy Shower Treatment Massage of Head, Neck, Shoulders and Upper Body during the Vichy Shower Treatment 
7 Showerhead Vichy Shower - No Wet-Room  


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