Vichy Spa System

Steam Therapy Features

Key Features and Treatment Options

  • With the Vichy Spa System, you can offer your clients the finest steam therapy treatments. There is no need to send your client to a steam room or steam cabinet.  Instead, you bring to the steam treatment to your client while the client lies on the comfortable massage/wet-table. Clients can attain the deepest level of relaxation possible when then can lie down during a steam therapy treatment.   
  • The temperature of the steam treatment can be controlled. Clients vary greatly in their sensitivity to heat; what is comfortable for one client may be too hot or cool for another client. Getting the temperature perfect for the special needs of each client is a special feature of the system. Also, the temperature can be varied, depending on the type of treatment given. For example, a relaxation steam therapy treatment may be longer and at a slightly cooler temperature and a detoxification treatment may be at a higher temperature for a shorter duration.
  • A wide variety of products, including herbal preparations and various therapeutic oils, can be applied to the client before (and sometimes during) the treatment. Increased skin and core body temperature allow greater product assimilation as well as greatly increased blood flow to the skin.
  • Aromatherapy is another treatment option to enhance the effects of the relaxation or for other treatment goals. It is possible to combine essential oils with the steam being generated.
  • A key feature of spa and wellness treatments is the human element of touch. During the steam treatments using the Integrated Spa System, it is possible to massage the head & face, neck and shoulders and even the chest, stomach, upper and lower back. This adds a special element of touch which can greatly enhance the overall benefits and client satisfaction.
  • Combinations: Steam therapy treatments, on the Integrated Spa System, combine well with a wide variety of massage, skincare, relaxation and detoxification treatments.  

Personalized Steam Treatments Massage of Head, Neck, Shoulders and Upper Body during Steam Therapy
Misting & Aromatherapy during Steam Therapy Treatments 


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