Vichy Spa System

Massage Table Features

Key Features and Treatment Options

  • The massage/wet-table offers the features of a full massage table and a wet-table. It is the same size as a standard massage table and uses the same high quality foam, thickness and density as other massage tables. The table is designed to easily handle clients of any size and weight.
  • The table has a face-rest feature (not shown in the photo) which allows a client to lie comfortably on their stomach during a massage treatment.
  • Massage Treatments: All forms of massage can be done on the massage/wet-table.
  • Combinations: The Integrated Spa System, allows the combination of massage, full-body skincare treatments, steam treatments, handheld shower and Vichy Shower treatments. This allows the creation of a wide variety of "packages" to suit the special needs of your clients.

All forms of traditional massage   All forms of traditional massage
Massage of Head, Neck, Shoulders and Upper Body during Steam Therapy Massage of Head, Neck, Shoulders and Upper Body during Vichy Shower Treatment


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