Vichy Spa System

  Handheld Shower and Wet-Table Features

Key Features and Treatment Options

  • The massage/wet-table is full size, length & width, which allows clients of any size and weight to be comfortable on the table.
  • The massage/wet-table has same quality and foam depth as the finest massage tables which provides the greatest client comfort. Compare this to regular wet-tables that use much thinner blue pads that do not offer the same level of client comfort.
  • The wet-table can be used in any normal treatment room (water must be available in the room) and wet-room is not needed. The beautiful oak wood design of the table blends in with the natural decor of most treatment rooms. Virtually no water comes into contact with the table and the table has been treated to make it 100% water-proof.
  • Any type of product can be applied to the client's skin during the treatment and can be rinsed off at any time using the handheld shower or Vichy Shower.
  • The following are examples of the many types of treatments that are possible using the wet-table and handheld shower features:

    Product Application and Rinsing: Any product can be applied to the client's skin and then rinsed once the treatment is finished. In one of the photo examples, a natural based avocado product is being applied to the skin and it is then rinsed off once the treatment is finished. In the other photo, the client is receiving a full hair and scalp treatment with natural products, which are then rinsed off with a combination of handheld shower and massage of the head, hair & scalp. This is a very popular treatments with clients and very easy to perform.

    Brush, Handheld Shower & Exfoliation Treatment: Any types of full-body scrubs and body brush treatments can be done at anytime in a treatment sequence on the wet-table while using the handheld shower. Not only is it a practical feature but is also a hydrotherapy treatment that clients love.  

    Combinations: The types of skincare treatments mentioned above combine naturally with a full-body steam treatment that can be given at any time during the treatment. The steam therapy potion is often used instead of body wraps as the heat of steam naturally increases product assimilation as well as greater blood circulation to the skin. 

Skincare Product Application and Treatment Head, Hair & Scalp with Handheld Shower Treatment
Brush Exfoliation & Handheld Shower Treatment  Rinsing Product from the Client's Body


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