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Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Richard Eidson, and I am the owner of Innovative Spa Technologies and the inventor of the Integrated Spa System. Our company, Innovative Spa Technologies, specializes in offering complete packages that allow spas and wellness centers to offer quality hydrotherapy programs, without the need for a wet-room. We not only offer specialized hydrotherapy equipment, but also the comprehensive education necessary to perform a wide range of hydrotherapy treatments. We also provide any help you may need in designing treatment menus as well as assistance in developing marketing materials, including brochures, websites and DVD presentations. We are dedicated to providing you with all that you need to offer the best hydrotherapy treatments and programs at an affordable price. 

In summary, we offer:

  • An integrated equipment system that allows you to perform the highest quality hydrotherapy treatments in one room, including massage, full-body esthetic, full-body steam, Vichy Shower and several types of handheld shower treatments. HydrotherapyTextBookCover.jpg (43583 bytes)
  • We provide professional education, as detailed in  Hydrotherapy for Health and Wellness, Milady, Publishing, 2008,on how to perform a wide variety of hydrotherapy treatments, mentioned above.  
  • Assistance in developing programs to marketing hydrotherapy treatments and programs
  • Assistance in installation of the Integrated Spa System (by phone). On onsite assistance is available. 
  • In addition to the Integrated Spa System, we also offer the following  hydrotherapy equipment and education:  
    Steamy Wonder Steam Canopy™
    Hydro-Massage Table
    Color Light Therapy System

Please call or email us about any questions you may have about hydrotherapy, including any of the hydrotherapy equipment and education that we offer.  Contact Us




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