Integrated Spa System

The Integrated Spa System (ISS), which features the Vichy Shower, offers the highest quality hydrotherapy treatments, greatest client satisfaction and return on your investment:
  • The ISS is a multi-feature system that includes a massage/wet-table, Vichy Shower & handheld shower functions, as well as the ability to do full-body steam therapy treatments. This allows for multiple treatment combinations and options that can all be done in one treatment room, without the need for the client to leave the table.
  • The ISS has been specifically designed to be used in a normal treatment room - a wet-room is not required. This can save more than $15,000 in additional construction costs in building a wet-room.. 
  • The ISS is designed for use by therapists that allows them to maximize their therapy skills.  Also, therapists do not get wet while giving a Vichy Shower or handheld shower treatments.
  • Included in the price of the ISS is professional education on how to provide a wide range of  hydrotherapy treatments, including detailed instruction in the use of the massage/wet-table, steam system, Vichy Shower and handheld shower features. Education is by phone, but onsite training can be arranged. Training is done by the author of Hydrotherapy for Health & Wellness, Milady Publishing. He is also the designer of the ISS, has expert knowledge in hydrotherapy and has received special training in European hydrotherapy treatments in Germany and Vichy, France. Most Vichy Shower systems on the market  today do not include training or do so at an additional high cost.
  • Included in the price of the system is support in planning your treatment menu and marketing materials, including brochures, website and DVD presentations. This is based on understanding the special & wellness goals that you wish to offer your clients.  
  • The ISS is a patented design, with superior quality engineering and manufacturing. The massage/wet-table is a superior design for client comfort and the structural design allows for its use by clients of any weight. The natural wood oak design is 100% waterproof and the patented design assures that virtually no water comes into contact with the table during a Vichy or handheld shower treatment. The massage/wet-table is designed to be used in the normal treatment rooms and the traditional wood design is similar to other stationary massage tables. This design is in harmony with the decor of most standard treatment rooms.
  • It is possible to provide a wide variety of the highest quality treatments that produce the greatest client satisfaction which allows the ISS to maximize the potential revenue from your treatment room while offering your clients the finest European hydrotherapy spa treatments. Link to Treatment Options & Photos








Integrated Spa System  (Patented)

One Integrated Equipment System
Vichy Shower, Steam, Handheld Shower & 
Wet-Table/Massage Table


Massage/Wet-Table (with face-rest)  
Width 32", Length 89"
Adjustable Height range 30" - 35"
Steamy Wonder™ Steam Therapy System
Vichy Shower with 7 shower heads (located inside steam canopy)
Handheld Shower for Wet-table Treatments
Professional plumbing system, including: mixing value for precise water temperature, scald protection & pressure balancing
4 Wet-table Cover Sheets
5 year guarantee on Massage/Wet-table, 2 year guarantee on Plumbing System, 2 year guarantee on Steamy Wonder™
Installation & Training Support provided
Includes: Treatment education, Menu planning, Support in Marketing Hydrotherapy Programs 
Including a copy of Hydrotherapy for Health & Wellness, Theory, Programs & Treatments, Milady Publishing, June 2008


$6,995 plus $350 shipping
Special: 10% discount ($6295.00 plus shipping) through  Dec, 2012



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