Color  Light Therapy System


Hydro Color Light Therapy System
Stream, Vichy Shower and Massage Treatments

Designed for the Integrated Spa System or any Vichy shower equipment, the Hydro Color Light System lets you use color light therapy during steam, vichy shower and massage treatments.  Color light therapy has proven to produce profound benefits and has become very popular in today's spas.  The effects of color light therapy have also been shown to be enhanced when used in conjunction with water and many popular hydro-tub treatments combine water and light for specific benefits.

The Hydro Color Light System can be used with any Vichy shower system in a wet-room or to enhance massage. 

  Hydro Color Light System  
$450.00 plus $35 shipping.

Hydro Color Light Therapy System includes:

  • Rechargeable halogen light projection unit - can be used to project various color lights into the water of a Vichy Shower or steam 
  • Light projection unit can be placed on a stationary tripod or can be handheld
  • System comes with 8 separate light filter/lenses, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet, magenta    Significance and benefits of these colors
  • Includes detailed education on: 
         How to use the equipment
    Understanding the history and theory of why color therapy produces benefits
    How to choose specific colors for treatments
         Various treatment approaches for steam, Vichy Shower and massage
  • Includes a computer presentation that allows the client to choose the colors for the treatment based on intuition or on knowledge of the specific effects of the colors

Color light therapy during massage

Hydro color light therapy during a Vichy Shower treatment.  The energy of yellow light combines with the energy of showering water.  

Hydro color light therapy during a steam treatment combines the energy of red light with the purifying effects of steam.

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